History of the Empire of Gallador

Time of the Gods

Little survives from this period. All that comes down to us is legend and myth. Those tell tale of a time when gods of elemental forces walked the world, creating the people who inhabit it now. These were the Old Gods, Gods of Earth and Air, Fire and Water. They included the Goddesses of Light and Dark, the Goddesses of Life and Magic. Finally, there was the Nameless God, the God of Death These gods, save he who is Nameless and eternal, came to war with mighty dragons and sacrificed themselves to seal away the power of those dragons outside the world.

Following the death of the Old Gods, the New Gods arose. These were mortals who had absorbed some of the dying gods’ divinity and thus became deified versions of that which drove them most in life. From the fall of the Old Gods came the God of War, the Goddess of Wealth, the God of Thieves, and many more. To prevent further damage to the world, the New Gods left the world and ascended to their own realms, leaving their worshipers to call to them in prayer rather than directly.

The last god to depart was the God of War, who spawned a number of children before he ascended to his own realm. One of these children, Gallad, raised a mighty army and set about conquering the world. All of northern continent eventually knelt before Gallad’s throne, and if the Southern lands were spared his conquest, it was only because he knew not of its existence. Having conquered all of the mortal world, as far as he knew, Gallad allowed himself to die, leaving the rulership of his Empire to his children.

The first civil war for control of the Empire began within an hour of Gallad’s death.

Time of the Magi

For generations the Empire ebbed and flowed like the tide. Some few of the more gifted of Gallad’s descendants managed to regain control of all the Known World, while others found themselves ruling only a besieged capital at Gallador. For the most part, however, the Empire was bound by mountains to the north and east, and ocean to the south and west. This was the Empire as most knew it, and for generations House Gallad ruled it.

But over time, the blood of the War God faded. Successive Emperors were less and less divine, and each required more power militarily to maintain control of the Empire. One route to such power was through magic. Flashy and destructive, arcane power was the perfect method for maintaining control over a diverse and violent populace.

And so power passed to the wizards. Armies became less and less important, while use of magic more so. To maintain and channel that power, the Magi had five great Citadels built. The Northern Citadel warded against the giants and ogres of the north, the Eastern to control the Dwarves of the eastern mountains and provide a barrier to the aberrants in the lands beyond, The Western to cow the elves and the western duchies, the Southern to command the oceans and defend against the Deep Folk, and the Imperial Citadel in Gallador proper that served to command the Empire itself.

House Ashe’s predeccesors on the isle, House Volcanis, were founded in this time. the ruins on the volcano date from this time as well.

There came a time, however, when neither magic, nor force of arms, nor even the great Citadels were enough to save the Empire. Horrid abominations erupted from the east beyond the mountains and overran the Eastern Citadel. Floating balls covered with eyes whose gaze brought death, squid headed monstrosities who consumed the brains of their victims while still alive, masses of tentacles and teeth with endless appetites, all these things and worse emerged from the East in an unstoppable wave.

In desperation, the Magi created a new form of soldier to fight them. Humans merged with animals, with the intelligence of the former and the power and speed of the latter were brought to bear against the Monster Legions.

“Let monsters battle monsters.”

Time of the Wolves


Time of Loss


The Present Day


History of the Empire of Gallador

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