Lucyian the Black

the dark bow and blade of house Ashe


Lucyian Nyx was born the son of a merchant of a far away land. Early in his adolescence while on a trading voyage with his father, their ship was atacked by by pirates. Lucyian’s father and most of the crew were killed, some like Lucyian where taken as slaves to be sold to the highest bider.
it was a bitter day for Lucyian when the pirate ship was also eventualy attacked, by the reavers of the north! the barbarians swept over the pirate ship killing Lucyians captors and anyone that tried to put up any fight. they obviosly had the same plan as the pirates taking all hostages as slaves. the torture and pain inflicked by the reavers on his captors mde Lucyian happier than he had ever been or remeberd being, and when he was herded from his current cage he could not help but kick and stomp on his now dead former captors as he was being led to a new fate. anger and rage was all he could feel, the days spent in captivity all he could think of was escaping and getting revenge on those that killed his father! now that they were dead He took empty joy in assulting thier corpses, realising thease savages had taken his only chance at revenge.
This behavior amussed thease barbaric warriors so much the lucyian was imediately brought before the chief of thease killers. the cheif was impressed by the fire this defiant youth showed, the cheif Bronkus proclaimed they would keep this child, usually selling all the slaves taken on thease raids, many of the tribe felt this was a bad omen.

After returning to thier mountain home the Ravenclaw tribe never fully accepted Lucyian, he was given to the Shamen of the tribe and served them daily in all of thier ancient pagan rites. he learned much in thease years, the shamen of the tribe were healers, medicine men,and seers, but also much more. the handful of outcast that took up the mantle of shamen were also the “Shades” of the Ravenclaw tribe. they produced poisons and toxic substances that kept the warriors in line. they also fought battles that warparties were not ideal for, when open war would be to costly or not in their favor the ravenclaw shades would enter another tribes camp and cut the tribes champions throat in thier sleep, poison the water and food or pass on a message in many horrific and dramatic ways.

in Lucyians early teens after a long season of plundering,Bronkus and the warriors returned, althought this time when they returned bronkus brought with him, slaves! soft men from the world of gold and lace. Bronkus assured the tribe that by taking thease soft men, others would come and bring gold for them and the tribe would be rich,,,,,bronkus and lucyian were the only ones with any idea of what rich meant. Bronkus maybe was a little foggey on the idea. Lucyian being the only one in the tribe to speak the common tounge became the interpriter between the tribe and it’s new captives. eailsy it could be seen that the captives were a noble child and his guards, the guards probaly would not make it, but the child was no worse for ware. days later, while foraging alone in the forest Lucyian came across a group of “soft” men in armor and wearing clothes that were the same as the captive boy’s. Quickly lucyian saw a chance, maybe if he helped thease soft men he could finally leave this cold hard existence!

Lucyian helped the great Lord Ashe retrieve his heir, due to a diversion fire. before leaving he found the warrior that killed the pirate that took his fathers life in the comotion, sneaking up on him and driving a dagger in his back, his last action was taking chief Bronkus eye with an arrow. Leaving with the guards and lord of house Ashe Lucyian bid his old life farewell.

lord Ashe awarded Lucyian for his bravery by giving him a place in his household. not sure what to do with the wild boy, but knowing he could use a knife sent him to the kitchens. this is where Lucyian learned about this stange new civalised world, remebering it from his old life, trying to fit in. he aclimated well and worked harder than any other of the household often working late into the night and waking early. lord Ashe quickly got used to the boy constant shadowing, always there with wine or food, the lords coat or chamberpot. if he was not in the kitchens or on the archery field, he was with lord Ashe listening to stories of his exploits, or making sure his cup was full. in lord Ashe Lucyian saw a father that was taken from him too early, and lord Ashe saw a hard nosed pragmatic, man of action in Lucyian and maybe a son he would rather have.

when house Ashe’s patron was atcked by an assassin of great renown, it was the dungeon of house Ashe that the fiend was held in. the dark brotherhood iniciate became a kind celebrity, many wished to see the evil of the brotherhhod. quickly the ashehole became offlimits and it fell to Lucyian to care for the captive. he brought food and water, evetually making small talk . he made reports to lord Ashe after every meeting with the assassin. the torture and interogation of the killer took on a life of it’s own. he was unbreakable, the best interogaters from the realms came and plied thier trade but none found out who hired the killer. during all this the assassin and lucyian talked often, the boy caring for his wounds keeping him alive so that the next goaler could do his worst! evetually the two became friendly the assassin and the wildboy, telling the other thier horriable life story finding they had simalire tales. eventually the assassin dies,with lucyians help. pity was a new emotion for lucyian and he did not like it! after all thier time together having only imparted his sectrets to lucyian, the boy felt no one should have to endure what this lost soul did. He let the assassin pass on, keeping all the secrets imparted to himself, knowing that knowlege was power,

Lucyian the Black

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